Hammam in Marraeksh- hot recommendation

Hammam in Marraeksh- hot recommendation

A relaxing great experience after a long day in Marrakesh Medina- something you definitely have to do during your visit!!!

Coming to Marrakesh without experiencing the pleasure of a local Hammam is just a big NO!

as i'm staying more than 10 times a year in this city for 10-12 days- i always try a new hammam additionally to my regular local ones.

This city has hundreds of great hammam in different scales and prices.

of course from those coming from European countries the local ones are not recommended for first time visit.

during my last visit i entered to this great hammam and was treated like a quin (which by the way happens in most of them as a part of Moroccan hospitality)

treatments were just great

prices were fair

it was shinning clean and decorated beautifully

i took the 1.5 hour treatment including all and it was wonderful.

i would recommend that hammam for a relaxed few hours from hassled Marrakesh.

enjoy & relax